Pakistan parliament passes anti-India resolution

ISLAMABAD: Even as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif talks of peace with India, Pakistan’sNational Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution accusing Indian troops of “unprovoked aggression” on the LoC and extending support to the “struggle” of the Kashmiri people.

The resolution, moved by Pakistani science andtechnology minister Zahid Hamid, a senior leader of the ruling PML-N, endorsed Sharif’s “forceful statement” for effective steps to ensure the ceasefire on the line of control and to improve the atmosphere by engaging constructively to build trust and confidence.

“This house forcefully reiterates that while Pakistan is committed to working for peace with its neighbours, it remains steadfast in its resolve to fully defend its sovereignty, territorial borders and national interests.

“It salutes its brave and valiant armed forces and assures them of its fullest support in achieving this objective,” said the resolution passed unanimously by the lower house of parliament.

The resolution condemned the “unprovoked aggression by Indian military forces across the LoC in recent days”….

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