Pappa Thaya Pagal, Presented by Kala Kunj

Excellent Drama with a Message 


HOUSTON: Houston has transformed into a city which is full of different colors and celebrations, especially among Indian. All religious organizations, art and social organizations bring value to the society with different programs.

Kala Kunj, a non-profit organization promotes ‘Performing Arts’ and has decided to take it to the next generation.

 Kala Kunj, presented one social, comedy drama last Saturday in Stafford Civic Center in presence of more than 850 invited drama lovers, which was very well received by the attendees and ended with a standing ovation.  People enjoyed the drama with cheers and applause.

The drama started with lighting the lamp by Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, director of Research at NASA and Laxmiben Thakkar, a social worker.

Rasesh Dalal, president of the organization said that KALA KUNJ is preparing on several different cultural programs such as SHERI GARBA and One act play.

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