Parvarrish Season 2 TV Review: Sangeeta Ghosh and Gautami Kapoor’s parenting drama is off to a promising start!


After a much-appreciated first season, Deeya and Tony Singh are back with the second season of Parvarrish. While the first season dealt with parenting issues faced by two sisters this season talks about two friends who reunite after many years in Delhi when one of them comes to live in the same colony. They are both mothers but placed in different positions in life. As per the makers, the theme of second two is that parenting is a continuous learning process and focuses on teenage children.

What is it about?
Surinder (Sangeeta Ghosh) moves from Amritsar to Delhi to provide a better life to her kids, Jassi and Jogi. She is accompanied by her husband Kulvinder, (Sandeep Baswana) and supportive in-laws. They are a regular middle class family with aspirations regarding their children. Her daughter Jassi is a shy teenager while son, Jogi is a regular adolescent lost in his own world. In Delhi, she meets her old friend, Nikki (Gautami Kapoor) who is an affluent working woman. The two women revive their friendship and discuss issues including parenting. Nikki is anxious as her daughter Riya is a regular teenager, who does not listen to her mother and feels the peer pressure common in metro cities. What the two mothers learn from one another drives the show. It also focuses on the friendship between the two.

What’s hot?
Coming from a production house that believes in sensibility, Parvarrish 2 lives up to its expectations as far as realism is concerned. So, we don’t have any extra frills like background music, close up camera angles and melodrama that characterizes the opening sequence of most of the shows. The characters are highly relatable. The writing, the Punjabi bit is authentic and has a very conversational quality. It is clearly visible that the actors have been chosen with care. From Sangeeta Ghosh to the child artistes, they have chosen actors to suit the parts. The first episode establishes the personalities of the leading protagonists to the tee.

What’s not?
While she is looking extremely pretty, Sangeeta Ghosh has gone a little overboard doing the Punjabi housewife bit in the first episode. Gautami Kapoor is comparatively restrained. The situation in which the two meet might come across as too much of a coincidence for some viewers. Also, Sangeeta’s character Surinder is that of a mother who is ambitious and not at all over-protective. However, the manner in which it is explored in the first episode might not find resonance with many moms.

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