Patanjali will overtake Colgate and Unilever: Baba Ramdev


Ramdev confirmed the proposed opening of food plants in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, adding that more locations are being considered. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint

Bengaluru: Foreign consumer goods companies in India will soon have to do a headstand, said yoga guru Baba Ramdev at a press meet in Bengaluru on Friday, commenting on the impact of Patanjali’s success on Indian arms of foreign consumer goods and food companies.

“Colgate will be below Patanjali by this year, and in three years, we will overtake Unilever,” said Ramdev, whose Rs.2,000 crore company that makes everything from biscuits to soaps has been denting the market share of large multinational corporations in India.

“Dant Kanti, Patanjali’s neem-based toothpaste will overtake Colgate by end of the year,” said Ramdev, promoting his stable of brands. Ramdev’s confidence in Patanjali’s success comes at a time when sales of biscuits, creams and gooseberry (amla) juices have swelled over the past two years. The yoga guru anticipated Patanjali’s revenue to more than double to Rs.5,000 crore this year.

“In three years, Unilever’s lever will go flat,” he quipped.

In December, Patanjali had outlined plans to invest Rs.1,000 crore in expanding capacity, building an online sales channel and selling Ayurvedic products in overseas markets.

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