Pavitra Rishta: Will Ankita tell Mansi the truth?


While Mansi is on a quest to find the true father of her child, Ankita will find out who he is. Will she tell Ankita? Read on to know more…

In the last episode we saw the drama unfold like never before. Ankita was seen giving an earful to Naren for picking up her siblings from school without informing her. Mansi (Aparna Dixit)on the other hand was shocked to learn that her mother would accept the child only if it was Shashank’s and not Ronaq’s(Rajeev Singh).

She was seen claiming that the child could have been Ronaq’s since he had sexually abused Mansi before her marriage with Shashank(Manish Naggdev). She was seen challenging Mansi to prove that her child is Shashank’s, or else she will not accept the presence of the to be new family member. Mansi was seen accepting the challenge and requesting Shashank to allow her to take the DNA test and find out who her child belongs to.

In the upcoming episode, we will see a shocking secret being revealed. We will see Shashank claiming that he knows who Mansi’s child belongs to. Here is that “twist” in the tale we love so much. The child is supposedly Ronaq’s and not Shashank’s. Shashank will be seen knowing this secret all along but hiding it from Mansi, in order to protect her future….

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