Pizza movie rivew


Story: A delivery guy enters a house to hand over a pizza. His routine job turns into a nightmare when he finds himself trapped in it. Supernatural events follow. What’s the catch?

Review: While Hollywood is obsessed with the genre, it’s been a while since Bollywood came up with a ‘believable’ horror/psychological thriller, which actually gives you the creeps. Barring a few classics like RGV’s Bhoot, Kaun and the comparatively recent 13B, the genre stays untapped here. In fact, most Hindi horror films make you laugh with tacky special effects and unintentional humour.

This Hindi adaptation of a Tamil film (by the same name) breaks the jinx. From solid sound effects, usage of graphics in the opening credits and decent 3D to effective non-dramatic performances, the director manages to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. In times when you are bombarded with hackneyed plots, Pizza is refreshingly real.

Right in the beginning, Nikita (Parvathy Omanakuttan) a struggling horror fiction writer, tells her agnostic husband Kunal (Akshay Oberoi) that he will have his ‘moment of fear’ someday. Kunal, who delivers pizza for a living, brushes off the thought knowing he may have to encounter it eventually and he does. He then finds himself mysteriously trapped in an obscure house. Unnatural deaths occur and his hide-and-seek with death begins…

Pizza has all the ingredients in the right amount, required for the making of a taut thriller. It is tense, gripping and atmospheric. No usual ‘shutting and opening of doors on their own’ business happens here. We are spared the cliches. Smartly written and well-executed, it also boasts of a solid climax which is thankfully not an anti-climax.

While the build-up will leave you sweating and gasping for breath, the unfolding of events manages to sustain the tension created. By infusing multiple twists and turns in the story, the director keeps you guessing till the end and that’s the beauty of the film….

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