Places to visit in India to spot migratory birds

Photo by: Pratyush Jena, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

Photo by: Pratyush Jena, Creative Commons Attribution Licence

Earth is a unique wonder, a gift for mankind. Spinning around in its axis, it is home to billions of animal and plant lives, and some unexplained wonders. Birds form a major part of the earth’s ecosystem, and even though humankind rules over its vast expanse, we still look toward the sky and gasp in amazement at a flying bird. Birds are beautiful living beings, with magnificent wings and extraordinary colours, of various shapes and sizes. They take flight, sometimes flapping their wings, other times simply gliding. One of the most fascinating reasons for the flight of birds is migration, and these birds are known as migratory birds. 

The main reason for migration is to avoid the harsh winter months and move to somewhere cooler for nourishment of their young ones and for survival in general. India happens to give refuge to a numerous migratory birds during harsh winters. After the passing of winter when India starts getting hotter, they migrate to cooler areas for breeding. This fascinating journey is definitely one-of-a-kind, and it is one of the most interesting things that you will ever learn. There are numerous places in India where these birds flock to during the winter months, making them their temporary homes. The ideal time to visit these locations would be from November to February. 


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