‘Prayer for Care’ giving Shradhanjali to late Lata Mangeshkar

HOUSTON: The Prayer for Care sessions, created by Mrs. Vinita Arora, began in 2020 in order to circumvent the immense amount of anxiety created around the world, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has weekly zoom sessions, allowing for members to become a part of mantra chanting and bhajans. Prayer for Care has allowed for various artists to perform by singing bhajans with around a total of 30 artists performing. The forum has grown in popularity throughout the past two years, with followers across the world including Canada, The United States, India, etc..

On Saturday, February 19th, 2022, the 100th session of Prayer for Care was celebrated. Alongside, a tribute to Lata Mangeshkar Ji was made in order to mourn the loss of the “nightingale of India”. The  program started with Mrs. Vinita Arora and her students sing Tumhi Ho Mata Pita Tumhi ho, Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum, and Vande Maataram.  Many accomplished artists sang at the Arya Samaj Greater Houston including Uma Krishnan, Vaishali, Manik Joshi, Smriti Shrivastava, Eesha, Krisha, and all of Mrs. Vinita Arora’s students. The program also had immensely talented musical accompanists including Mr. Raja Banga on Tabla, Mr. Tej Ghanju on the Harmonium, and Mr. Azim Khan on the Violin. The evening ended with Mrs. Vinita Arora singing two beautiful bhajans by Lata Mangeshkar Ji, named Aye Mere Vatan Ke Logo and Vaishnav Janato.

The 100th session of Prayer for Care was greatly appreciated as it remembered the great works of Lata Mangeshkar ji, performed by talented artists. The Forum continues to grow with all of its followers remaining connected as weekly sessions are conducted by Mrs. Vinita Arora.

Here is the Zoom Id for anyone to join the session each Saturday @10:00am CST 8210610983 No password required