Pretham movie review: Jayasurya excels in this horror film without chills


Renjith Shankar’s movie Pretham, supposedly a horror comedy, keeps you waiting for a twist which never comes. What you get instead is a pretty ordinary climax, which is neither memorable nor scary.

Thanks to Jayasurya’s character John Don Bosco, the movie is engaging in parts though. The actor again proves his versatility as he plays a mind reader who is out to find the truth of a haunted resort. The actor is casual yet restrained and his inspired performance actually reminds one of Mohanlal’s iconic role as a psychiatrist Sunny in the epoch-marking Malayalam movie, Manichitrathazhu.

A sea-side resort run by three carefree youngsters, Benny (Aju Vargheese), Shyam (Sharaffudeen) and Shibu (Govindpadmasurya), forms the backdrop of the film. The trio has quit their boring past to enjoy a relaxed life. Just when the three bachelors think their life is sorted and they only have sun-lit sea view and girls dancing zumba to look forward to, they meet their nemesis — a ghost haunting their resort.

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