Preventing Summer Brain Drain: How To Help Your Children Avoid The Summertime Slump


Summer vacation is in full swing, which means kids are officially checked out of the classroom and focused on fun. However, it’s essential for kids to continue to learn throughout the summer to help with the transition into the next school year.

Best in Class Education Center, which provides a variety of summer programs, also helps parents engage their children to make teaching and learning fun for the whole family.

Here are some tips to avoid summer brain drain for children of all ages:


Set aside 15 to 30 minutes every day for kids to read something of their choice. For even more fun, kids can read out loud to make it a family occasion or even start a family book club.


Take children shopping and encourage them to practice their math skills as they walk up and down the aisles. Younger children can count the number of items in their basket while older kids can figure out discounts and the sales tax on specific items.

•Star Gazing:

Summer nights are a great time to get outdoors and star gaze with children. Introduce topics related to the solar system such as constellations and the rotation of the earth. Go outside, observe and record the location of the stars, then, return to the same spot an hour later and observe how much the stars have moved.

•Nature Walks:

Nature walks are full of lessons about the environment. Buying a plant or bird book to bring on these walks is a great way to identify natural surroundings.
•Cooking/Baking: Bringing kids into the kitchen gives parents the opportunity to work on fractions and decimals with their children. Activities like cooking and baking help kids grasp the concept of measurements.


Starting a journal is another way to keep children engaged during their time off from school. Have them write down what they’ve learned and any questions they might have at the end of every night. These journal entries are a great way for kids to reflect on their summer breaks while they work on their writing skills.

•Trying new things:

Summer is also the perfect time to encourage children to try something new. Having time off gives kids the opportunity to explore a new hobby, sport, or interest that they may not have known about before.

To help your student exceed his or her academics goals, a local resource, Best in Class Education Center, offers a variety of customized, supplemental enrichment courses and tutoring options to ensure your students are equipped with the tools they need this school year.

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