Priyanka Chopra talks about her new animated avatar in Disney’s Planes, her Music and More!

priyanka planes

Considered one of the best actresses in Indian cinema, Priyanka Chopra has given Hindi film audiences many memorable and critically acclaimed performances. A fan favorite, the actress has created a diverse body of work that most recently included the outstanding and award winning performance as the autistic woman Jhimil in Anurag Basu’s Barfi!.

Known for spreading her wings and exploring different creative projects, Ms. Chopra has another unique film that has just released. In a new avatar, Chopra lends her voice to Ishani in Disney’s new animated feature Planes.

According to the official Disney Planes website, “Planes is an animated action-packed comedic adventure starring Dusty, a big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster who dreams of competing in the most exhilarating around-the-world air race in history. The problem? He is hopelessly afraid of heights. With the support of his mentor Skipper and a host of new friends, Dusty sets off to make his dreams come true. Along the way he meets the Pan-Asian champion from India – Ishani. Ishani is easy on the eyes, but ruthless in the skies. Exotic and mysterious, Ishani is full of surprises, but always has her eye on the prize.”

Speaking with our guest writer Mr. Adam Tanswell, the actress chatted about working on her first animated flick, revealed what she originally wanted to be when she grew up (it may surprise you), her new single ‘Exotic’ and so much more!

How did you become involved with the high-flying new Disney animation film, Planes
Disney came to me and said, ‘We’re making a movie about planes. It’s set above the world of Cars. Would you like to do it?’ I asked for the script, they sent it and I liked it – so that’s how it happened….

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