Pune-educated Indian-American professor wins teaching award

images (2)WASHINGTON: An Indian-American professor who uses a game called “Baffa Baffa” to teach culture’s role in business and how it can affect transactions and relationships has won the prestigious Peltier Award for innovation in teaching.

Pune University graduate Rajani Ganesh-Pillai, assistant professor of marketing at the North Dakota State University (NDSU), will be recognized during the annual Celebration of Faculty Excellence scheduled for May 6 with three other faculty members.

“NDSU has many amazing and dedicated faculty members,” said Provost Beth Ingram. “The four faculty being honoured this spring have distinguished themselves as the best of the best. I am truly delighted to be able to recognize their accomplishments.”

The Peltier Award was established by Joseph and Norma Peltier to honour innovation in teaching.

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