Radio Hungama Ganesh Utsav 2014

Photos: Narayana Swamy

Photos: Narayana Swamy

KATY: On Saturday, August 30, the Radio Hungama Team celebrated the auspicious Ganesh Festival at the Rylander Elementary School in Katy, TX. This is the second time that Sridhar Dadi and the Hungama Team were able to successfully organize a free event for the community.

The puja held by Radio Hungama was conducted by Sriman Hanuman Swamyji and the main puja was performed by Sridhar Dadi and his family. This was followed by a free Samuhika (group) puja. The community was able to perform the puja along with the detailed directions of Hanuman Swamyji. The kits for the Samuhika puja were provided by Sridhar Dadi and contained all the material needed for the puja. This proved to be very convenient for the participants as they did not have to worry about the puja. The Radio Hungama team had decorated the venue with a variety of flowers and leaves. It is worth mentioning that some of the leaves (patri) used in the Ganesh puja were attained with great difficulty by Sridhar.


The Radio Hungama team was able to organize the free Ganesh Festival this year, with the help of few sponsors, MetLife, Vishala Restaurant, Hyderabad House and Mayuri restaurant. The sponsors, Vishala restaurant, Hyderabad house and Mayuri restaurant also provided lunch for the event. MetLife representative Mohsin Noon, conducted a lucky draw for the people present for the occasion, and gave away an iPad to the winner.

Sridhar Dadi thanked Sriman Hanuman Swamyji, sponsors, Radio Hungama team members, friends and also Katy ISD who brought this event to life and helped all the way.

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