Radio Hungama’s Ganesha Mahotsav a Grand Success

Sridhar Dadi (right), at the Radio Hungama’s Ganesha Mahotsav which was held at the Durgabari Temple on September 8.

Sridhar Dadi (right), at the Radio Hungama’s Ganesha Mahotsav which was held at the Durgabari Temple on September 8.

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HOUSTON: The Houston Indian community witnessed an event that showcased the rich heritage of the Hindu population while providing wholesome Texas style hospitality and entertainment. To organize a religious event of grand stage and to invite the who’s who of the Indian community of the Houston area is not an easy task. To call Ganesha Mahotsav organized by Radio Hungama and Sridhar Dadi on September 8, at the Durgabari Temple,  a grand success would be an understatement.

An event of such grand stature needs meticulous planning and lot of professional help.  It was a culmination of hundreds of hours of planning, dedication and hard work of the, committee members and volunteers. The event was a grand success with over 2500 in attendance.

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Inspired by the idea of similar religious events that are done across India, Sridhar Dadi wanted to bring an event to Houston and make Houston Indians not to miss home. Planning for the event started as early as April and lot of resources were organized from places like Hyderabad India and various places with in United States. Several priests have offered their help from Atlanta GA, Los Angeles CA and lot of volunteers from Houston were also involved.  The 5 feet Ganesha Idol that was brought all the way from Hyderabad, India was the biggest highlight of the event.

Event started with Lamp lighting by Dr. Rathna Kumar and Anil Kumar from Anjali Performing Center, Altaf and Neelofer Ali from Kohinoor Diamonds, Neeta Sane from HCC, Prakash Patel, President of ICC and Sridhar and Asha Dadi, followed by the opening statement by priest Narasimhacharya Cherukupalli, who came from Panchamukha Anjaneya Temple, California. “Dadi and his team’s commitment and dedication to serve the community would make this event bigger and bigger every year; senior Hindu priests in the United States added. VIPs of Houston Indian Community participated in the Pradhana Pooja. Hundreds of families who registered for the Samuhika pooja started coming in from 10 AM onwards and stayed till 8 PM. Passing thunderstorms during the Samuhika Pooja is a sign of God’s blessing – Priest Sheshavataram, from Atlanta, GA elaborated.

Free lunch was provided for all the devotees and free pooja kit for all who attended the event. Pooja kit included all the items needed to perform Ganesh pooja, from leaves, flowers and fruits to a beautiful Ganesh idol.  The devotees appreciated the gesture of free pooja kit and donated generously for such future events.  An ethnic giveaway by Kohinoor diamonds was also presented for the first hundred families.  Thousands visited throughout the day (9 AM to 8 PM) and took blessings of Lord Ganesha.

After completion of the pooja a special cultural event was organized in the evening with performances ranging from Indian classical dance, classical instruments and vocal. Singer Hanishka who was specially flown from Toronto, Canada, certainly lived up to the challenge of keeping it religious with her husky voice. As always, Sarada Akunuri’s melodious and devotional vocals had the evening more memorable.

The event was a testimony to Radio Hungama’s intent to play a significant role in promoting cultural and religious heritage of Indian community, under the leadership of Sridhar Dadi and his able team. As the saying goes, “Everything is Big in Texas,” and the outstanding attendance certainly appreciated the efforts and dedication of the event committee.

Sridhar took the opportunity to congratulate his elite team that includes Sasi Lingineni, Ranga Tirumalasetti, Sanket Kulkarni, Amitha Kulkarni, Srinivas Gummadi, Priyanka Pendyala, Upendra Malla, Ravi Surisetty, Vijai Kumar, Jagapathi Reddy, Narayana Swamy, Vahini Narayana, Satya Narendrula, Hema Nalini, Pallavi Chilappagari, and supporters and volunteers on the success of the event. A special thanks to Madhupal Reddy Paila and his team for offering their help in coordinating and distributing mouthwatering Prasadam to all the devotees.

Hungama Team would like to convey sincere thanks to all the Sponsors (GarudaVega, ZEE Telugu, Emirates Airlines, Don McGill Toyota of Katy, Kohinoor Diamonds, MediNet Clinic, Biryani Pot, Bawarchi Biryani, Mayuri Indian Cuisine, Mass Mutual, Metlife, Prudential Insurance, Camelot Integrated Solutions, Vonage, Remit2India, Udipi Cafe, Vishala Grocery Store, Raj Anandhesi) who made this grand event, free and memorable to the devotees. A special thanks to Darshak Thacker of Krishna Sounds for providing crystal clear sound and admirable lighting effects that made the event more colorful. Needless to mention the talents and creativity of Mandap Creations, that made the venue memorable and adorable with their unique and ethnic decorative ideas. The devotees definitely enjoyed the finger licking food by Pavani Indian Cuisine that was prepared fresh outdoors.

Sridhar also thanked the media partners Vanshika Vipin of Indo-American News, and Sulekha for their support. He also thanks HDBS for their support and the associations and groups that supported the event such as Hindus of Greater Houston, BKM, TCA and TELICA.

Ganesh Visarjan is scheduled for Satuday, September-14.

For further information on this event and any future events contact Sridhar Dadi @ 281-217-9736.