Radio Masti Celebrates its 4th Anniversary

The Radio Masti team.

The Radio Masti team.

By Sanchali Basu

HOUSTON: Four years ago saw the fulfillment of a dream seen by founder Samrat Bhattacharya and producer/director Shyamal Bhattacharya. Their musical background helped and inspired them to start a radio show that aired a mix of Bengali as well as Hindi songs. It was the first of its kind to feature that genre of music in Houston and it is all to the credit and indomitable spirit of Shyamal, Mita and their son Samrat. This radio station, despite its trials and tribulations, has survived through it and is now back with a bang.

It’s innovation and novelty attracted the entire Indian subcontinent and USA,  especially Bengali communities in Houston initially.Its listening audience has spread all over the world to the point where one can listen to it online on  Radio Masti airs in Houston on 1090 AM KULF on Saturdays from 7AM-11AM and on Sundays from 7AM-9AM.

Radio Masti has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and is unique in the sense that it encourages and promotes new artistes from the Indian subcontinent and the USA and gives them exposure.

On Saturdays there are segments called Kabi Pranam (where a single composer is highlighted) and Banglar Adda (where a prominent figure is interviewed live on air and listeners are encouraged to call and participate in the discussion). Besides music and recitations, there are quizzes on the radio show and also lively discussions on medical topics, filing taxes, astrology, etc. In other words, there is a new flavor to the show every week such that one gets addicted to the show and wants to keep on listening to it. It also has several different RJs on the show that spice up the show and keeps the show exciting.

On Saturday, April 6, they celebrated their 4th anniversary at their studio with RJs, well-wishers, supporters, and friends in attendance. In addition to playing an array of music, several RJs including Mita Bhattacharya and Remi Mookerjee, as well as technician Roni Shome, events coordinator Sharmila Mitra, and several long-time supporters and sponsors livened up the celebrations. The festivities also included singing Happy Birthday live on air while cutting the cake. There was a lot of food and drinks and the atmosphere was very lively and cheerful.

Radio Masti listeners were continuously calling throughout the entire period of the program to show their love and support as well as many contributions and donations were made.Their words of encouragement made producer Shyamal quite emotional. He announced that Radio Masti is on its way to having its own studio and thanked and encouraged listeners to keep listening and keep supporting the station. Now with all the young blood that have become a part of the Radio Masti team, he was confident that it has no boundaries and it will keep growing from strength to strength.