Rahul’s game-plan: Do whatever it takes, win 2019

rahul gandhi

BANGALORE: The nation may be eagerly awaiting the course of the NaMo versus RaGa battle and its outcome in the April-May Lok Sabha elections. But AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi seems to have his eyes set on the 2019 chapter.

Seeking to build a new, youthful brigade in the next five years, the AICC vice-president has reportedly laid out a blueprint for the party state unit, asking them to give tickets to young and fresh faces in the upcoming polls.

Rahul’s plans are said to be long term. He is said to be of the opinion that in the event of the Congress not returning to power this time, the party should be prepared for 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The AICC vice-president is said to have been blunt in asking the party to rethink giving tickets to veterans in every election, blocking the entry of youngsters into the Congress. The state party chiefs have been asked to take the risk and field youngsters, including women with good educational background. It doesn’t matter if the freshers lose the battle of ballots, but Rahul wants a young and vibrant leadership to be built, Congress sources told TOI.

Given Rahul’s line of thought, there’s every possibility that the list of Congress candidates from Karnataka may throw up four or five surprises. Among the nine sitting MPs, two or three are likely to be replaced, with independent surveys commissioned by the Congress high command suggesting it can expect to retain only four of them, the sources revealed….

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