Rajinikanth feels deeply honoured for being awarded the Padma Vibhushan !


The veteran actor joins other greats like Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar

Rajinikanth has been loved and revered by fans all across the country since a long time. The Superstar is well known for his unique style, versatility as an actor and eccentric nature. And the veteran actor has finally been recognised for the impact he has created in cinema and society in general. Rajini is about to be awarded with one of the highest civil honor that the country could bestow, the Padma Vibhushan. And the man responded to this honour being bestowed upon him.

The Superstar finally displayed his happiness and gratitude on his Twitter handle. He said that he felt extremely honoured for being awarded the Padma Vibhushan and that he was really grateful for his friends, fans and well wishers for congratulating him. Earlier on, his son-in-law Dhanushand his two daughters, Soundarya and Aishwarya took to Twitter to display their pride and joy for Rajini. His reply and calmness on receiving such a humongous award goes to show his humble and down to earth nature which truly enabled him to capture the hearts of millions across the country.

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