Ram Kapoor tells us about his ‘mad, wild past’


Television’s biggest star Ram Kapoor makes for an unlikely sex symbol. Mirror caught up with the busy actor at his quaint Napean Sea Road apartment, which has a distinct lived-in feel about it. In a free-wheeling chat that was only punctuated by the merry presence of his two kids and a pug, he spoke about his wild past, dealing with female attention and his volatile relationship with his father. Excerpts:

Considering your robust presence on television, did you have to dumb yourself to fit into the industry?

I don’t want to let the thought (that I am on top of the pile) get to me. I would rather remind myself constantly that some of the most talented people I have worked with in the last ten years, are still struggling. I have been very lucky.

If I choose to be negative, then dumbing myself down may be true. But the truth is, I have reached a position where I get what I want. Nobody tells me what I should do, so I have the creative freedom. Yes, at times I feel the monotony, but I immediately think of how grateful I should be, for being so lucky. TV gave me the opportunity to do bigger bits in films. It reminds me of my insecure phase….

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