Ranveer Singh opens up about his casting couch experience –


Ranveer Singh is one of Bollywood’s finest actors who has also grown to be a heartthrob. While we love Ranveer’s quirkiness, we also respect the fact that he is very upfront and honest about everything. But yes, before entering the showbiz, even Ranveer Singh has had his share of struggle. The actor, who was initially an assistant director was very well versed with casting and portfolio making but never did he expect that he would fall prey to casting couch in Bollywood. The actor, in an interview with a leading channel, revealed his casting couch experience.

The actor said that he was invited over by a casting director to his house in the late evening and Ranveer, being familiar to the working of casting, made a very fine portfolio of himself which was something the director was not interested in! The Bajirao Mastani actor tagged the casting director as a “highly sleazy gentleman” who didn’t even look at his portfolio. The actor said, “I had worked as an assistant director and I knew that there are no takers for 500-page portfolio. Mine was very impressive and people were intrigued enough to at least take a look at it.”

Ranveer was further advised by the casting director to be smart and sexy to go miles in showbiz. And what came as a shock to the actor was when the director said that he’ll have to be open to take and touch. Well, that was atrociously real! But here’s the funny part. When Ranveer refused to all those demands, the man started to negotiate with him if he can touch or just see it! “Later I got to know what he was interested in. When I said ‘no’, he was heartbroken like a jilted lover,” said the actor. Okay, speechless as I am, it is quite brave of Ranveer to have opened up about this experience of his and when the actor later spoke to some other strugglers, he found out that this sleazeball has made similar propositions to them as well!

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