Rebuild, Relive and Recovery Event by BAPS Charities


HOUSTON: Houston Strong! The motto that has been ringing in everyone’s ears since Harvey. Many individuals have volunteered their time and effort to help our community. Three months since the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, many residents still are out of their homes. As you walk into their homes the walls are still stripped out of drywall and one can look straight to the back of the house from the front door.


Volunteers of BAPS Charities have been active from relief efforts to recovery efforts. This past weekend on December 9, 2017 a Hurricane Harvey Recovery Event was held at the Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch neighborhood. This event was to let neighbors know that BAPS Charities is there to lend a helping hand.

BAPS Charities has already provided over 50 homes in the Houston area with 3000 drywall sheets and material. Drywall has been the most needed material for most of the home owners to begin the rebuilding phase of their homes.  Sanjay M. in the Katy area has been trying to rebuild his home since he had over 30 inches of water in his home and finally with the house being dried out and mold free he was able to start the work. He was very appreciative of the 95 sheets of drywall and floating material that he had received, “Thanks to BAPS Charities in making this happen.”



During the Hurricane Harvey recovery event, BAPS Charities volunteers spent time talking to every individual one-on-one to find out how the recovery was going and if additional support was needed. This event drew in over 100 individuals in need of material to rebuild their homes. As many of these homeowners were still living away at friends, families or at motels, they were thankful that BAPS Charities was there to listen and offer any assistance that may be needed.

Eli M. From the Canyon Gate neighborhood said, “we have had many organizations offer material but BAPS was the only one that actually has delivered what we had requested. And this means a lot to us.”

BAPS Charities has put in over 8000 volunteer hours, served 4500 hot meals, sheltered families and removed water damaged debris from homes since the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.