Red Roses, Hearts and Bollywood Nights!!

Kalakriti 1in

By Runmee Barbara

HOUSTON: Well well…You guessed it right…that time of the year when we celebrate Love!!

Love and romance is often associated with red roses and hearts. Though there are many other objects that signify the essence of love, but to impress or express love we keep it simple with anything that is heart shaped or a bunch of “Red roses”.

Like your birthday and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is another way of celebrating the state of your relationship. This year Kusum Sharma is bringing her production of ‘Bollywood Nights’- the Indian way of celebrating love with Bollywood theme dance on classic love stories. There will be theme couple contests (Soni Mahiwal, Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha and Romeo Juliet), open dance floor with dhol, fun games and lot more entertaining activities.  It will be a romantic musical evening which will be frosted with fun and sprinkled with surprises. For those who want to spend a special evening with their loved ones dispatched without disturbance this is the place to be in.  Valentine’s love affair will get even more brownie points if you are able to dine and wine with your valentine.

In February, most of the places we look around will have odd or intriguing item that’s heart-shaped or that is decorated with hearts. If you have been bitten by the love bug then come over and have a date with Bollywood nights. Whether you are single, couple or family join the Valentine’s day celebration on 14th February from 4-8pm at Stafford Civic Centre . All proceeds go to 501(c ) (3) Kalakriti Performing Arts.