Renowned Geologist Donates 100 Year Old Journals to OIL


RICHMOND, TEXAS – Norman Kent, a renowned structural geologist, has donated 100-year-old AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Bulletins/Journals, along with numerous geology books to OIL’s (Oil India Limited) Library in India.

Kent, of Kent Geoscience Associates, has had extensive international experience in projects with complex geological plays in various countries like India, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Newfoundland and Brazil, as well as several parts of the U.S. Mr. Kent has previously worked with Oil India Ltd., HOEC, UNOCAL (merged with Chevron}, Jubilant, Naftogas India, Premier Oil and Canoro.


The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) is one of the world’s largest professional geological societies with more than 36,000 members. Published since 1916, the monthly AAPG Bulletin is a repository of data and valuable information, but also are much sought after and referred by geoscientists from around the world.

Kent started collecting these journals from 1920 onwards and some of these bulletins are extremely rare and are not available as online versions and are extremely rare documents.

Mr. Kent was very happy to donate the journal collection to Oil India as he believes Oil India will do a good job in not only preserving these valuable journals, but will also use this repository of knowledge to further augment energy security of India by exploring and producing more hydrocarbons for the nation.