Rock On 2: 5 things that Farhan, Arjun and Purab revealed about the musical drama!


Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli conducted a live chat on Facebook a few minutes back and their loyal over-enthusiastic fans bombarded them with questions. It was like 2008 all over again to watch them together. People threw crazy questions at them from ‘why this beard look’, ‘Is Shraddha Kapoor growing beard too’ to ‘why are you wearing that hat’. The actors responded to all the answers very sportingly and patiently. It was great fun watching them.

Arjun replied to this answer and said “We always thought we are gonna do it earlier.But, we didn’t know what the right story was. Every year we thought it’s gonna happen next year but we never got down getting the script. I’m glad we waited.” Farhan but in and said, “Possibly the easisest things to do would be that once you  have enjoyed the success of a film you decide quickly to go and make a second one. But it’s important to give you all out there, who were waiting for the sequel,  something really memorable, something you gonna enjoy. That is a responsibiltiy and we can’t take that lightly. So that’s why it took so long.”

What’s different about Rock On 2 ?

“It’s different in terms of that it’s a new film.It’s a new story but it’s a continuing journey of these characters plus Shraddha and Shashank, who have joined the band. So there’s all that and there’s some great music to look forward to. There are some amazing concerts to look forward to. It’s a very moving story. I think it was surprising for people even with Rock On 1 was they didn’t realize that a film about music could have that kind of emotional depth and so many layers of characters. And I feel it has grown a lot since then. There is more history with these characters. And that is something to look forward to. Like where are these characters 8 years down the line.” Purab added that there are a lot of great locations to look forward to.

Their favourite songs from the album

Arjun revealed that there is a song named Jago in the album which is his favourite. He said “Mine is Jago. There’s a great track called Jago. Actually all the tracks are great but Shankar Ehsaan Loy have just nailed it (Jago) with Farhan and even Shraddha. Jago is one song that has great energy, it has been shot beautifully.” Purab added that it’s a powerful track. Purab said he likes Jago, Woh Jahaan and EK manzar Naya.

Farhan said “It’s tough to pick one but the one that resonates most with me is the Woh Jahaan track. Lyrically I love that song. But, of course Jago is one song that is close to all of us as it’s on women empowerment.” They revealed the first song of the film which is Jago will be released on 14th of September. Now having heard so much about it, it definitely be a tough wait!

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