Romancing the Rocky Mountains in Calgary


You know Calgary for its accomplishment of hosting the winter Olympics of 1988, or as the place that hosts the famous Stampede (the annual rodeo exhibition). But beyond the traditional, your wandering eyes could also be romancing the Rocky Mountains in Calgary. Like when you head out onto the Observation Deck of the Calgary Tower that stands 672 ft high, you see more than just skyscrapers and generic vista. In the not-so-distant distance, the Canadian Rocky Mountains sit majestically. With a total length of 3000 miles, all the way from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and down to New Mexico in the U.S., it is widely popular. The presence of the Rockies is why people who visit this part of the world, drive to the National Parks as a suitable base to begin a Rocky Mountain adventure.

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