Rooted in Wellness Highlights Health Disparities in Communities of Color at Tagore Center Foundation Event

HOUSTON: The Tagore Center Foundation (TCF), in partnership with Pembroke Taparelli Arts & Film Festival (PTAFF), recently hosted the “Rooted in Wellness” Film Festival event at its newly opened campus in West Houston.

The Rooted in Wellness film festival promoted diverse modalities of health and wellness to communities of color through two short films, followed by panel discussions. The audience enjoyed Food Apartheid directed by Alan J. Chriest, as well as a lively conversation with Jeremy Peaches, owner of urban farm Fresh Life Organic Produce. The film and panel shined a light on food insecurity, environmental racism, access to fresh produce and other nutrition-related topics.

The second film, Di Ankh: The Science of Kemetic Yoga, directed by Gaile C. Ferguson, focused on the value of yoga to the overall health of the mind and body. Local community activist and public speaker Eileen Dong followed. Dong discussed her experiences using yoga to overcome the effects of a traumatic experiences.

In addition to the films and discussion, attendees enjoyed a meditation session by members of the ISCKON Temple, and a poem by Aurko Dutta.

Sanchali Basu served as the panel moderator. Sailaja Bandyopadhyay served as the program director responsible for organizing the event. Tagore Center Foundation board members present included Mark Praigg, Paula Sutton and Dr. Michele Sabino. The president and founder of the Tagore Center Foundation, Ruma Acharya, also gave remarks, which focused on the philosophy of the foundation’s namesake, Rabindranath Tagore.

The Tagore Center Foundation campus is located at 3850 Ashburnham Dr., Houston, TX 77082.


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