Saath Nibhana Saathiya up for another leap?


There used to be a time when a single sequential leap would have been enough to take the story of a daily show ahead. But of late, with audience interest getting more fickle by the passing day, the creatives need to keep innovating with multiple leaps in a short period of time. Something similar seems to be unfolding in Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

This Rashmi Sharma Telefilms productions starring Devoleena Bhattacharjee (Gopi bahu) has just taken an eight year leap, but even before this time frame can stabilize, we hear that the writers are already planning another big fat jump wherein the daughter of Gopi, Meera would be shown as an adult.

This leap will not happen immediately rather it will unfold over the course of time as the casting is still on. The actors have already been informed about this change, as per sources.

There is just one problem. If the above leap happens, it could mean that all the lead actors Devoleena, Vishal Singh and Mohammad Nazim might consider pulling out. The source added that the cast believes in negotiating from a united position of strength. Apparently, it was this union of lead trio that forced the creatives to back for the moment and go for a short leap in the interim.

Vishal confirmed the same saying, “At first I was unsure about the eight year leap as I did not want to play a father, but since the production house convinced me that I will not age too much and my character’s basic DNA would remain the same, I agreed to stay on. But if another big leap what you guys are talking about is indeed true, I can’t imagine myself as an old father.”…

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