Saathiya Update: Nazim’s ‘dhamakedaar’ return during Janmashtami


Mohammad Nazim, the blue-eyed boy of Star Plus’ Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will soon be back in the show!!

And as reported by, he will not be Ahem, but his look-alike..

So what can viewers expect when it comes to the introduction of this new character?

Well, Nazim will get to play himself this time, is what we hear!!

As per a credible source, “Nazim will enter as a fun-loving Punjabi guy with full attitude. He will be a complete contrast to Ahem. He will have a typical dialect and lingo, and will be talkative to the core.”

If sources are to be believed, Nazim’s re-entry will happen with a bang during the Janmashtami celebrations.

When contacted, Nazim told us, “Well, nothing is clear at the moment on when I will start shoot. I should have all the details about my character in the next few days.”

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