Sairat’s star-couple bags Rs 5cr bonus


Producers of the film are feeling super-generous as film crosses Rs 60-cr mark.

It is appraisal season, after all. And why should film stars be any different? The leading lady and man of the biggest blockbuster in Marathi cinematic history, Sairat , have been awarded a bonus of Rs 5 crore each by its benevolent (and delighted) producers.

The film itself is being seen as a landmark in Marathi film history. Cinemas to meet with the demand have opened 12 am and 3 am slots in rural Maharashtra, a phenomenon never heard of in the hinterland. But so astounding has been the word-of-mouth for the blockbuster that » the film has garnered Rs 60 crore at the box-office. The actors, who had been signed on for a meagre Rs 4 lakh, will now be given Rs 5 crore each, as announced by producer Nitin Keni , CEO-Founder of EsselVision Productions, and co-producer Nikhil Sane, who pulled off the modern classic on a shoestring budget of Rs 4 crore. “Yes, we are planning this as a small gesture of goodwill for the cast and it is not only the actors who will be receiving certain amounts of money, but also the extended cast and crew. We are finalising the paperwork, but at the same time are hoping that we do not have to close our accounting books soon, since the shows are still going houseful. Last week, there were three shows of Captain America: Civil War, three of Azhar and eight of Sairat in Mumbai suburbs,” Keni laughs.

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