Salman Khan is hooked on a TV show; find details here…


While many Bollywood and small screen celebs are claiming their love for international television series, one Bollywood biggie is surely keeping his eye on an Indian programme.

Yes, Bollywood star Salman Khan seems to be an avid watcher of Colors’ historical drama Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Want to know more about the incident? Here we share.

Last night (6 March), as many television actors attended an award function, so did the bhaijaan of Bollywood. And like many actors Suzanne Bernertt aka Helena of Ashoka went to introduce herself with Salman. But, much before doing that the humble Bollywood star recognized the lady and mentioned that he watches Ashoka and is very much aware about who she is.

As we buzzed Suzanne upon hearing this, the pretty lady excitedly shared, “Of course I am thrilled to hear such gentle words from him. I have always wanted to meet him throughout my career and finally when I met him yesterday his words surely touched me. Definitely, it is a big achievement for me that Salman Khan knows about my show and my character”.

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