Samba Reddy to Receive ATA Science Award


HOUSTON: Samba Reddy, a Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M University, has been selected to receive the 2014 ATA Science Excellence Award. ATA is proud and humbled to recognize him for his “contributions and accomplishments in medical and pharmaceutical research,” according to the award letter from Awards Chair Dr. Meher Medavaram and ATA President Karunakar Madhavaram.
ATA, the American Telugu Association, is a non-profit organization promoting education, culture, and community service in USA.  ATA recognizes and honors outstanding individuals for significant achievement in their profession and contributions to fields of science, medicine, fine arts, and community or humanitarian causes.
Reddy will receive the award at the 13th ATA Conference and Youth Convention Banquet on July 3, 2014 in the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, USA.
Reddy earned this honor for his outstanding research work, designing novel treatments to brain disorders such as epilepsy, status epilepticus, brain injury and chemical neurotoxicity. This work has made a profound impact on millions of patients worldwide.  In addition to over 110 international publications, he has written several books, presented over 100 seminars, and made over 150 scientific exhibits.
Like in cricket where a ‘hat trick’ happens when a player takes 3 wickets or hits 3 sixes in a row, a hat trick is extremely rare in science. Reddy made a unique hat trick by winning three coveted science awards in a row – NATA 2012, TANA 2013, and ATA 2014.  He has become a role model and has inspired thousands of young science or medical aspirants. Kudos to his dedication towards excellence!