Sanjay Dutt in trouble with the cops again?


It has definitely been party-time for Sanjay Dutt post his release from Yerwada Central Jail after serving his sentence. But he might have got carried away a wee bit. The actor was hosting a party with wife Manyata Dutt at his residence last night. The loud party that was attended by many of Dutt’s celeb friends seemed to have lasted way past the tolerance of his neighbour’s. According to a report by an entertainment portal Sanjay’s neighbours had to call on the cops as the loud music at Dutt’s place would not shut down even past 2 am. The first complain by the neighbours went unattended by the police, and they had to call again. After the second complaint call, the police responded by paying a visit to the actor at his residence at 4 am in the morning. The party finally did shut down after the police’s intervention.

The neighbours claimed that the actor had resumed to his pre-prison lifestyle of late night partying and loud music. Well, Sanjay might need to turn it down by a notch, as he and breaking the law don’t go well together!

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