Sanjay Grover, a Gentle Soul Passes Unexpectedly, 1972-2018

MISSOURI CITY: Tragedy struck the Grover family again when their youngest son, Sanjay, 46, suddenly passed away while watching television at his home in Olympia Lakes, Missouri City. He had returned home from work and apparently suffered a massive heart attack, though he never exhibited any prior symptoms. A few years ago, the Grover family lost their younger son, Sandeep, also suddenly, and this new loss leaves them and friends stunned.

He leaves behind his grieving wife Jyoti, his 10 year-old son Amit, oldest brother Dr. Pawan Grover and parents Nimmi and Chaman Grover.    The family lived together in their home by the water in Olympia Lakes. “He was the most innocent, sweetest kid that you ever met,” recalled Pawan. “My fondest memories of him were playing basketball with him and Amit.”

Sanjay Grover was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to the Houston area with his family in the late 80s. After his education, he started working in his brother Pawan’s medical practice. A generous person at heart, he was also very considerate. Almost 25 years ago, when his older brother Sanjay needed a kidney transplant, he gladly donated his own without any concerns for himself. Even minutes before he died, he had gone to get a blanket for his son Amit, whom he adored and checked on frequently.

“He was an instantly likeable person,” Pawan added, “and was the most popular person among the cast and crew when we were filming my movie ‘Unspeakable’.”

Funeral and cremation services for Sanjay were held at the Winford Funeral Home at 8514 Tybor Drive in southwest Houston on Sunday, July 15 and were attended by family and many friends, whose unwavering love and support the Grovers are grateful for.