Sankara Eye Foundation Brings Award Winning Community Eye Care to Rajasthan

Women of Rajasthan In India.

Rajasthan, literally means,” land of kings” and conjures the rich vibrant colors of the culturally rich and artistic part of India.  Endowed with natural beauty and a great history, tourism is a flourishing industry in Rajasthan, ranking it among the fourth highest among Indian states in attracting tourist visitors.  Unfortunately, Rajasthan is also ranked the   highest in blindness prevalence among the other states in India and depriving much of its rural poor from experiencing the rich and colorful state of Rajasthan.  Along with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan ranks highest with > 2% prevalence compared to 0.8% in other countries in the South Asian region of WHO(World Health Organization).   Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) is proud to bring its years of experience building state-of the-art hospitals and delivering rural community eye care across India, to the state of Rajasthan.

Sankara’s motto is to take comprehensive high quality free eye care services to the doorsteps of the poor who are least likely to seek out help. It is a daunting task with over 55 million people with visual impairment in India but Sankara’s tireless efforts have enabled:
Establish Nine state of the art Hospitals
Perform more than 1.2 million free eye surgeries as of 2014
Achieve four star rating  from Charity Navigator multiple times
Recognize as one of the largest free community eye care institution in the world
Achieve numerous National awards in India for excellence
This rich experience of community eye care will now bring the magic of light to the state of Rajasthan. SEF completed land procurement for the 225 bed community eye hospital in Jodhpur on Jan 14th 2014 and construction on this 2.12 acre plot will be started as soon as $2M are raised. The address of hospital location is Khasara No 126, Uchiyarda, Defence Lab Road, Jodhpur, 342006 and the name of the Village is Uchiyarda. When completed, the hospital will serve the districts of Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jalor, Pali, Ajmer, Nagaur, Bikaner in a phased manner.   This effort from SEF along with the support of its donors can bring about a change to the reputation of Rajasthan as the state with the highest need of community eye care.

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SEF is seeking the help of donor community for the Jodhpur hospital .  An anonymous donor has challenged to match one million dollars for  upcoming Jodhpur Hospital.  Join the matching challenge for the Jodhpur hospital by donating $ 1,000 or $ 500 (with company match) to become a founding donor and have yours or your loved ones’ name on the wall of the hospital for the life time of the hospital of your choice.

Visit  or contact the SEF Houston Team via email for more details.

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