Sankara Eye Foundation’s Successful Fundraising Campaign

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Sankara Eye Foundation marks a successful year end fundraising campaign for hospitals in Hyderabad and Indore and surpasses the anonymous matching challenge!!

Sankara Eye Foundation, USA (SEF, USA), a non-profit organization established in the Bay Area, has been working for the past fifteen years with Sankara Eye Foundation, India (SEF, India) to eradicate curable blindness in India.  SEF, USA devices multiple strategies to reach out to its donors and supporters.  The 2015 year-end campaign was invigorated by a matching challenge from an anonymous donor who was willing to match donations up to $1M for each of the hospitals in Hyderabad and Indore.  SEF teams sprang into action to do what SEF volunteers usually do and deliver amazing results.

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The year-end campaign brought a lot of enthusiasm among the SEF volunteers, donors, and patrons alike.  The goal through this campaign was to raise $1,000,000 each for hospitals in Hyderabad and Indore.  With everyone’s effort, SEF successful crossed the $1M mark in cash donations, including company matching grants from various companies.

SEF’s motto is to take free eye care services to the doorsteps of the poor who are least likely to seek out help. SEF’s efforts have enabled over a million people to receive the gift of vision, utterly free of cost.  The gift of vision is a gift to not only the person but also the family and community. Preventive eye care for a child provides a promising future; restoring vision to the bread-winner promotes financial empowerment of a family and providing vision to the elderly makes them independent and restores their dignity. This multi-fold benefit to the rural poor can be done with donations as little as $30.

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SEF’s impact to the society delivered with compassion can be credited to  its award-winning  rural  outreach  program, solid  management  and  leadership  team, highly  efficient  systems  and  processes, and best doctors and paramedics. It performs 500 eye surgeries a day across its network of state-of-the-art hospitals across India and is able to perform more than 150,000 surgeries per year.

This would have not been possible without the generosity and support of SEF’s donors in the US. Join our cause and share in the joy of bringing light to someone’s eyes.

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