Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust Booth at Telagana Convention


At the Sankara Nethralaya booth at the recent North American Telegana Convention in Houston, from left SNOM Trust Board Trustee Jawahar Malhotra; Tulsi of Maharani Music; SNOM Trust President Leela Krishnamurthy; and volunteers Padma Srinivasan (seated) and Rosmein Premji.

By Jawahar Malhotra

HOUSTON: The Indo American community closed out the month of June with two large eye-catching functions that brought together thousands of people from across the country and Canada. The Sant Nirankari Mission held its Youth Summit and Spiritual Conference for an estimated 1,500 people in the Humble Civic Center (see cover story) and 40 miles to the south, in downtown Houston, the World Telegana Convention 2018 brought together over 8,000 people over a three-day weekend at the George Brown Convention Center.

Prominently present at the WTC was the booth from the Sankara Nethralaya Ophthalmic Mission Trust, a national non-profit in the US, established in 1988 to support the highly regarded charitable, not-for-profit Sankara Nethralaya, Ophthalmic Hospital, in Chennai, India.

The booth was handled by volunteers for the entire three days, led by SNOMT Board President Leela Krishnamurthy and Trustee Jawahar Malhotra. Together, they were able to highlight the work of the Hospital in Chennai and raise several thousand dollars to support its pioneering free cataract eye surgery for the poor and rural people.

“We are beholden to the organizers of the WTC for their help, especially Bangar and Devi Reddy, and all our volunteers for their time,” smiled Krishnamurthy as she spent both Saturday and Sunday at the booth. Assisting her as fellow SNOMT Board Trustees were this reporter and Ashok Vasan (accompanied by his wife Nimmi), and volunteers Sai Chailakapati, Roopa and Abhishek Bala, Prabha and Sesh Bala, Priya Chandru and daughter Nethra, Rosemin Premji, Padma Srinivasan and Vivek and Nimmi Menon.

The Sankara Nethralaya OM Trust, USA is a 501 (c) (3) U.S. registered non-profit organization, for further information contact Houston trustees, Leela Krishnamurthy at 832-654-9444, Kris Vasan at 281-265-7745 or Jawahar Malhotra at 713-962-5555.