SanSkaar Aims to Enhance Creativity, Cultural Values thru Skilled Training

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SanSkaar team, from left: Pavan, Sanjay, Srikanth, Bhagwan, Arun, along with Inaugurators: Harish Jajoo and Ramesh Bhutada, Deepti, Sangita , Deepali, Namrata, Trusha , Meet.

HOUSTON: Businessman and philanthropist Ramesh Bhutada and Sugar Land Mayor Pro Tem Harish Jajoo on Sunday inaugurated a novel educational project to enhance creativity, positive skill and cultural values among children and young adults.

Dubbed as SanSkaar, the project will focus on four areas – arts & craft, dance, Hindi language and Yoga. Classes will be held every Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. at 4023 WestHollow Parkway, Houston TX 77082 and will be taught by highly qualified and talented teachers. Students will have the option to enroll in one or more classes each of which will be 45 minutes.

Non – profit Organization President Arun Mundra who has run many social initiative for positive impact to society like Uttaranchal flood help, Co-organization Crime prevention, Hindi Convention, Makar sakranti , Janmashthmi celebration; summed up the inspiration behind the SanSkaar project:

Na ho kisi bhi vyakti ke jeevan mein acche mulyon ka Andhkaar
“Achhi Kala , Udhyog, Nritya , Hindi aur Yoga ke dhani gyan se, milen acchee SanSkaar”

It means:
“No one should have darkness in life, no one should deprive of positive values in life;
By learning Dance, Art-Craft & Hindi, Yoga young minds get SanSkaar (positive skill value).”

Ramesh Bhutada lauded the volunteer spirit of organizers and passionate teachers to share with community their knowledge and expertise. He also showed extreme happiness, of best usage of this excellent centrally located facility in Houston which their family has given practically FREE lease for SanSkaar classes.

Harish Jajoo also congratulated the SanSkaar team for their novel efforts and promised to visit them again to celebrate their positive progress.

The project met an initial success with over 50 registrations on the day of inauguration. Organizers expect that the seats will be filled fast when the classes begin on March 1. They advised the students and parents to register early as the seats are limited and taken benefit of 50% off first month.

Bhagwan Bhutada, the program coordinator, is excited that the SanSkaar classes will soon draw the attention of the community. He said the fee structure is attractive with $55 for one class and $5 discount for each of subsequent classes. Siblings will get $10 discount.  Moreover a 50 percent discount is offered in the first month of operation for limited time. The Classes are for ages four and up.

Besides a novel idea, the project’s biggest asset is its pool of qualified expert trainers’ more voluntary efforts. The team consists of Meeta Arun Mundra, Deepti Sanjay Biyani, Sangita Bhagwan Bhutada, Namrata Srikanth Sharda, Sushma Vijay Pallod, Deepali Pavan Ladha, Trusha Ashish Chandak, Ruchi Nikunj Tibdelwal and Shradha Rishi Bhutada .

Art teacher Deepti belongs to an artist family iand has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with focus on painting and drawing. She is trained in clay modeling, fabric painting, Tanjore painting & stained glass. Deepali (art) has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts, with specializations in animation, graphic design and oil painting. Deepali specialized in drawing, painting and in using these skills in teaching children. She pursued a Child Development Associate (CDA) from a US college. Deepali has been teaching school children for decade and is skilled in the art of connecting with small kids.

Dance trainer Namrata Srikanth Sharda has been training kids as well as adults in Bollywood dances as well as folk and contemporary dance styles for many years. She has done instructor training from a dance institute. She is an expert in using movements, gestures and body language to portray dance routines. Besides a particular dance style, kids also learn the basics of dance starting from simple to advance dance elements.

Hindi teacher Sangita Bhagwan Bhutada is the “Limca World Record” holder. She has a Master’s degree  in Arts ,a  computer diploma and Montessori teacher training certification. She has written more than 10 books on various subjects. Sangita has done a special Hindi DBHPS course and she has been a Hindi teacher, teaching for decade. Sangita Bhutada has been affiliated with the International Hindi Association (IHA) and took workshops “how to make Hindi easy with day to day use” during National Hindi Convention.

Yoga teacher Sushma Vijay Pallod is a well-known yoga trainer in Houston. She has been teaching Yoga for the last 12 years. She is a certified yoga teacher. Sushma Pallod has been affiliated with various community organizations. Along with training lessons, she also conveys benefits of Yoga and when and how it is helpful.

Project administrator Ruchi  is an MBA and is passionate for working in an institute like SanSkaar, and guide parents and children in getting their desired training in order to become successful managers. Trusha Ashish Chandak is volunteering for website creation and helped non-profit organization to develop the wonderful website

Arun Mundra thanked all community leaders & supporters across world for their support including Indian Minister Kiran Maheshwari & MP Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Bhagwaan Bhutada conveyed that his better half Sangita has led this kind of classes in past, in India earlier when she was youth coordinator in nonprofit organization which shows proven track record of this project. Initiated by non- profit organization with an objective to nurture good SanSkaars among young minds.

For more inquiry contact Ruchi 832-570-0331 or email: