Sanskar Hosts Superhit Marathi Natak “Welcome Jindagi” in Houston

SANSKAAR_IN01By Ravi Ozarker

HOUSTON: Life is beautiful.  It is not to be lived in tears.  Laughter and joy is the medicine and this is what we need to give to others.  You do not want to die when you live life but you have to welcome life hence the name “Welcome Jindagi”.  Dr. Girish Oak, Bharat Jadhav and Shivani Rangole have given this great message through this comic Marathi Natak “Welcome Zindagi”.

With Super star Bharat Jadhav in Houston for first time, the Natak was bound to be successful but Bharat has also won the “Zee Natya Gaurav 2018 Best Actor” Award for his fabulous role in this Natak.  Along with Bharat, Dr. Girish Oak has also won the Best Supporting Actor Award and Shivani Rangole has won the “Best Supporting Actress” award in 2018.

 This Superhit show was organized by Sanskar, LLC on Oct 7, at Berry Center.  The story was indeed very heartwarming with fantastic acting by Dr. Girish Oak, Bharat Jadhav and Shivani Rangole.

Definitely a must watch for all centers in USA.  They are definitely versatile actors and overall this drama does deserve all the appreciation that it has received in the form of audience response and awards.  Director Rajan Tamhane has done a superb job of directing this drama and also helped with sound and light.  Sanskar thanked all attendees for their massive support and the artists commented that they loved the response from the Natak Premi Houstonkars.

350 hrs of hard work by Ozarker family of 3, 12 hrs of hard work by volunteer team of 12 all paid off after artists said that they felt like the arrangement was equivalent to what they had experienced in India.  Sanskar thanked Houston “Natakpremi” community for all the support that they gave for this show.  Sanskar also would like to thank all volunteers for helping out with the putting up the set and running the front desk (Aakash Ozarker, Supriya Sheth, Vidhula Bhadkamkar, Harpreet Chawla, Rashmi Joshi, Saurabh Joshi, Sandeep Bhalerao, Nimish Jagtap, Mitra Panchal, Mandar Shimpi, Mihir Kulkarni, Harshad Patil, Shrikant Wani, and Rakesh Naik).

 Megha Ozarker of Sanskar, LLC also thanked WOM (World Oilfield Machining) for sponsoring Welcome Jindagi.  Without their support, all this success was not possible. 

Thanks to Five Dimensions Inc. for letting Sanskar, LLC host this event in Houston.