Saraswatichandra: 2nd April; Kumud In Captivity


Saraswatichandra 2nd April written episode: Sunanda starts sharing the story of Guman with Kumud. She says that she and Guman started dancing at an early age. Their skill made everyone spellbound. But Guman outsmarted Sunanda with her charming beauty and tricks. She tricked Laxminandan into marrying her. From Guman’s side, there was no love in the marriage; it was a deal for her. Saras, Kusum, Danny and Kabir search for Kumud in the bus stops, rail station, auto stands and in her school. Danny suggests that they should visit the police station and seek help. Others agree with him.

When Kumud is about to call Saras, Sunanda drops her phone into water. She tells Kumud that she will not let her go. The man who took Kumud to Sunanda, locks her inside a room. Sunanda calls Guman and informs that she has locked up her daughter-in-law, who came to Chandni Bazar to know her past. Guman wants to know how much Sunanda has exposed to Kumud. Sunanda says that she is not a traitor like Guman. She still respects friendship and has not revealed everything to Kumud. When Guman talks in phone, Kabir comes to the room to take his phone. She becomes nervous thinking whether Kabir has heard her conversation….

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