Saratoga Serendipity: A New Gir Cow Farm & Retreat in East Texas

By Vikas Mohrir

Houston: When COVID erupted back in February, everything shut down and everyone stayed indoors. We spent endless hours completing Indo-American News’ Sudoku puzzles, and Sharmila Moharir was consistently a Sudoku winner in the March-April-May timeframe.

After completing Sudoku and a 5,000 piece puzzle which was featured in Indo American News, our family looked at each other and said we need to find ways to beat COVID by going outdoors and create a Retreat where people could enjoy the outdoors in a socially distanced setting.

Throughout the summer, we spent every weekend looking for the perfect place to carry out our vision of creating our own Gir Cow Farm and Retreat – a place that fosters wellness where families could spend a peaceful time surrounded by nature in a stress-free, socially-distanced environment.

We ditched life in a highrise condo in Houston, and acquired an 85-year-old 5-acre farmhouse near the Big Thicket of South East Texas. We gave the property a healthy dose of TLC, cleared the brush, and installed a cattle fence to corral two highly sought after Gir cows.

Our longer term goals include creating a fully-sustainable ecosystem with organically grown produce made with natural fertilizers. Down the road we aim to milk the Gir cows and create pure A2 milk dairy products like ghee, butter, and ice cream.

What’s so special about Gir cows? Girs, indigineous to India, are known around the world to be highly resistant to disease and hot, stressful conditions- perfect for a quarantine in Texas!. While it does contain lactose, A2 milk is known to be easier to digest than A1 milk and even suitable for some with lactose intolerance.

A2 beta-casein found in the milk Gir cows produce has been linked to less incidence of cardiovascular disease and Type 1 Diabetes. Ancient Vedic text suggests that the distinct hump found in Zebu breeds like the Gir cow makes the quality of the milk superior.

Cow dung and urine are also a valuable source of natural fuel and fertilizer. Dung patties are used in many Hindu purification rituals involving fire. A burger patty from McDonald’s is less valued than a cow dung patty by some ! Don’t believe me? Check Amazon.

Later we plan to create cottages made with natural materials for couples and small groups to enjoy life’s simple pleasures away from it all.

A visit to the farm now promises a warm reception from the hosts, an encounter with the Gir cow and calf where families can cuddle, pet and feed them, in a safe, secure environment.

Saratoga Serendipity plans to host events on every fourth Saturday of the month for the public to meet our cows, enjoy the farm life in a comfortable, socially-distanced environment, and take a break from the daily COVID routine. Our Refreshment Stall is serving home-made Vada Pav Sandwiches, Chicken Kathi Rolls, and Chai (cash only!)

If some people prefer, they can schedule a private session on the farm for your getaway and encounter with the animals. According to TripAdvisor, we are the #1 attraction in all of Saratoga, Texa

Activities: We have swings, lawn chairs, and field game equipment like frisbee, soccer, football, golf, slackline, archery, and you can even try your hand at chopping wood using an Axe !

You are welcome to bring lawn chairs, blankets, and your own field game equipment – let us know what you have in mind!

Discover our growing collection of plant life from bamboo, to flowers, to fruits, herbs, and more – let us know if you have a unique sprout you would like to add to our collection!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Saratoga Serendipity or on for updates on events and new offerings!

Safety: We strongly recommend and endorse safety measures while on the farm including wearing weather appropriate attire, full-sleeves, close-toed shoes, and masks while on the farm.

However there is space to remain socially distanced and relax with your families and trusted circles.