Sarbjit Movie Review

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STORY: Indian Sarbjit is wrongfully imprisoned in a Pakistani jail – can his sister Dalbir have him freed?

REVIEW: Straight away, Sarbjit is Randeep Hooda’s triumph. In 1990, a simple Punjabi farmer Sarbjit (Randeep) drunkenly wanders across the India-Pakistan border – a milestone in a field – merrily singing ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’, suddenly captured and tossed into Pakistani prison. This is no ordinary prison – Sarbjit is locked in a box, drowned in water and rats, tortured to say he’s Ranjit, an Indian accused of terrorism in Pakistan.

 As Sarbjit struggles to survive, his sister Dalbir (Aishwarya) struggles to make the authorities admit Sarbjit’s identity – and free him. With Dalbir running from haughty CM to indifferent PM, eating under dusty trees, holding dharnas in streets, Sarbjit’s home slowly collapses. His father dies, his wife Sukh (Richa) languishes, his daughters are torn between frustration and grief.Can Sarbjit ever come home?Randeep Hooda brings Sarbjit to life with utter sweetness – ever-smiling, no bitterness mars Sarbjit’s face. As in 12 Years A Slave, the hope to live and love keeps Sarbjit going, his nails and teeth growing black as he gets an annual bar of soap, cherishing a fragment of moonlight, excitedly washing his rags before his family visits – after 18 years of his imprisonment. Whether he’s eating a sweet, stroking a cat or answering, “Ilzam?” with a bewildered “Pata nahin”, Randeep imbues Sarbjit with beautiful, powerful humanity.
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