Sargun talks ‘dil se’ about hubby Ravi


According to recent reports, Jamai Raja lead Ravi Dubey, who is happily married to TV actress Sargun Mehta, said that he could jump off a cliff for his lady love.

When we buzzed Sargun to get her reaction, she shared, “That line of Ravi didn’t go down well with me and I was very upset about it. I would never allow or tell him to take such steps.”

To what extent can you go to prove your love? “Well, our love is pure so there is no point of proving anything.”

Today is Valentine’s Day, so what special have you planned for Ravi? “We partied yesterday at my brother’s newly opened restaurant.”

What are you gifting him? “Actually, we don’t need any specific day to gift as we keep gifting each other on regular days as well.”

In a recent interview with us, Ravi had mentioned that he was eager to become a father so when do you both plan to extend your family? “Not for another seven to eight years. I believe everything has its own time. We are not prepared to extend our family right now.”

In today’s time where relationships are falling apart so easily, how have you both maintained it so well? “Ravi and I are made for each other. Our thinking is very similar so everything gets balanced well. There is no apprehension and insecurity which, is very important in any relationship.”

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