Sarit Ray’s review: Besharam, a senseless saga of shamelessness


An accurate way to describe Besharam would be to call it the cinematic equivalent of a dinner made with leftovers. There is a bit of everything, nothing is exactly fresh, and in the end you’re left wondering if it was wise to have chucked it all in together. Except, in this case, it isn’t home-cooked food, but a meal you must pay for.

Within the first half hour, before there is a semblance of a plot, you’re served three song-and-dance routines. Part of this is the hero’s regressive, ’90s Bollywood-style flirting method, where the much-stalked heroine, after being pissed off right through the first half, suddenly falls in love.

There’s also the kind of stylised, gravity-defying action sequence that Abhinav Singh Kashyap used brilliantly in Dabangg. But in this confused mess, oddly released on a Wednesday (Gandhi Jayanti) to pull in maximum crowds, it feels like a lazy addition meant to cash in on past accolades….

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