“Save a Mother” Anniversary Gala May 10


By Seema Kachru

HOUSTON: Pregnancy is not a disease, yet 15 percent of all pregnancies result in life threatening complications. Maternal health, a critical topic in global development, impacts families, communities and societies and has far reaching effects across socio-economic strata.

Despite being among top ten countries of the world, India`s Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is currently one of the highest in the world, at a rate of 236 deaths per 100,000, in comparison to an average of 16 for developing countries. As 2015 fast approaches, the time has come to assess the progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). According to the MDGs, the MMR should reduce at a rate of 5.5 percent annually, yet, in India the rate is only 2.3 percent.

Such lofty goals are possible only due to the dedicated organizations like “Save a Mother” (SAM), that is working to improve and standardize care in India and beyond so that all pregnancies and births can be joyous occasions and maternal mortality a thing of the past.

SAM, started in 2008, has grown its scope, increased the number of supporting chapters in the US and partnered with Save A Mother UK in London and India.  Partner organizations in the UK and India operate independently towards the same mission of educating women about pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery and care of the child. Working in tango with local NGOs in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, SAM has expanded health care solutions to Karnataka, India.

Within five years of its existence, SAM has achieved significant mile stones and  impressed by the magical achievement in Sultanpur and 40 adjoining villages of UP, Deshpande foundation granted SAM $ 36000 in 2012, to support its initiatives of  reducing the MMR and IMR in up to 100 Karnataka villages in Gadag. SAM over-exceeded its impact in 103 Gadag Villages and therefore grant by the Deshpande Foundation has now been extended till 2014.


Five Year Achievements:

Maternal Care in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India: SAM started  maternal  mortality reduction program in approximately 1000 villages in 2008. The program has expanded in 50 districts of UP with execution by our NGO partner, RGMVP.

Maternal Care in Karnataka: Replicated maternal mortality reduction in Gadag district of Karnataka.

Tuberculosis Control: Launched TB Control Program in CSM Nagar in UP in 2012.

Water Borne Diseases: Launched a program to reduce water borne diseases in CSM Nagar in 2012.  Doctors working in primary health clinics will participate in this program. The target is to reduce water borne diseases by 80% in the next 4 years.

Free Primary Health Clinics:

Participate in management of 16 free primary health clinics run by Asia Heart Foundation. Clinics serve 1000 to 1500 patients daily.

“SAM’s leadership has equipped various Indian villages of  professionals who serve mothers to make positive changes in community that will benefit mothers and families for years to come”, said Veena Kaul, a philanthropist and  a very dedicated  SAM Houston President.

After a resounding success of its previous gala’s, “Save A Mother” Houston  is celebrating 5 years of extraordinary service at its 5th Anniversary Fundraising gala to be held on Friday, May 10th,  2012, at  Le Virage 12126 Westheimer. Gala will inspire, highlight accomplishments, and unveil plans for the next decade. The public and the media are invited and every dollar raised and donated will go directly to let another heart to beat in this world and live a healthy life. Those, who cannot attend personally but are passionate about the cause can sign up and donate securely at www.saveamother.org or send a check to the registered 501(c)(3) organization in Houston, TX to  Nat Murthy, 633 Lake Shore drive, Sugarland, TX 77478.

Since Mothers Day is almost here, the need is to take up the big challenge where the cause is noble and the reward  is high. No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you—Life. If we cannot give life, we can save one. We urge you to give needy mothers a chance to live and enjoy the melodious cries of life they give birth to. When you support a mother, you uplift her family, when you uplift her family, you strengthen her community, when you strengthen her community, you change the world.

For more information visit www.saveamother.org or email the author, a PTI correspondent based in Houston–seemakachru@gmail.com.

Levels of Support at the Gala

Platinum   $5000                   Premium Seating for 10

            Gold          $2500                    Premium Seating for 10

Silver        $1250                     Seating for 10

Copper      $500                      Seating For 2

Individual    $125                     Seating For 1

RSVP: Nat Murthy Nat@sunitech.com, 832-264-9668