Schiller Institute Introduces Houston to the“BRICS”

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Photos: Richard Johnson

HOUSTON: The Schiller Institute of Texas held an event on December 11, at the Houston Chinese Community Center: “The USA Must Join the BRICS.” The BRICS countries are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and have formed a coalition for global development.

Opening the meeting, former U.S. Senate candidate Kesha Rogers, stated that this event was one of many around the nation organizing Americans to reject the current war policy, and join with the BRICS nations to achieve the Common Aims of Mankind, creating what India’s Prime Minister Modi has called “a mass movement for development.”

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Schiller Institute founder, addressed the event via video statement.  “If Americans knew how close we were to World War III [over the Ukraine crisis] people would be out in the streets….What the mass media in the United States have blocked out, is that since… the summit of the BRICS countries in Fortaleza, Brazil, a completely new economic system is developing.” Zepp-LaRouche listed some of the remarkable projects now underway in BRICS and associated nations: China helping to build a second Panama Canal through Nicaragua, and a transcontinental railroad from Brazil to Peru, agreements in the areas of space and nuclear energy, and the establishment of new financial institutions devoted to funding them. “Since the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into office, there has been a complete explosion of optimism in India.” He will build 100 new cities, and create one million new jobs per month. “We have to get the United States to… join with the new paradigm, because that is the only war avoidance strategy which will work.”

Harley Schlanger, vice chair of the Schiller Institute, spoke next, on the “two arcs of history” which shape the present period: one being the downfall of the Trans-Atlantic region, following the JFK assassination and Nixon’s ending Bretton Woods; and the second being the new potential of the BRICS movement.

He was followed by Khaled Rady, the Consul General of Egypt, who gave a clear and impassioned report on the Suez Canal project.   After outlining the project, he ended with a moving appeal: that before the Landbridge can be realized, we need a “heart-bridge,” to connect people from around the world to be one humanity.

Natalie Lovegren, from the LaRouche PAC scientific research team, concluded the meeting with a report on China’s lunar program, demonstrating how China’s intention to mine helium-3 on the Moon for nuclear fusion energy would transform the world economy. (713)541-2907