Security Raised at New Year Celebrations Amid World Terror Fears


LONDON – New Year celebrations around the world were going ahead despite heightened terror fears Thursday — as New York deployed 6,000 police officers to Times Square and Belgium charged a 10th suspect over the Paris massacre.

High-profile attacks claimed by ISIS and other groups in 2015 cast a shadow over traditional public gatherings in cities across the globe.

In Times Square, the expected one million revelers will be guarded by a beefed-up security force this year, including hundreds of officers carrying long guns, radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs.

A member of the New York City Police department’s Hercules team patrols in Times Square the day before New Year’s Eve on Wednesday. JASON SZENES / EPA

Authorities said they have spent months preparing to thwart any possible scenario, and partygoers and their bags will be inspected with magnetometers and hand wands as they enter a series of checkpoints.

In Brussels, a planned New Year’s Eve fireworks display was canceled late Wednesday over fears of an attack.

Hours after that decision, 10th suspect was charged with involvement into the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. The 22-year-old Belgianl identified only as Ayoub B., was charged with “committing terrorist murder and participation at the activities of a terrorist organization,” Belgian prosecutors said in a statement.

Officials seized 10 cellphones but found no weapons during the raid in the city’s Molenbeek suburb on Wednesday.

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