Separation time for Gauahar-Kushal in Bigg Boss


Yet another Tabadla takes place in the Bigg Boss house this week with yet another twist. 

After the group swap that took place last week, the housemates had already started anticipating what will be coming their way this time. While on one hand, the love birds were separated, on the other hand it brought the enemies under the same roof. Post the Tabadla announcement,Armaan and Kamya are called inside the confession room.

Armaan is asked to give two names from Jahannum that have contributed least to the luxury budget task while Kamya is asked to give two names from the heaven side that have contributed the most. After discussing with their respective groups, they unanimously decide to nominate Kamya and Andy as the best performers while Arman and Kushal are declared to be the weaklings.

However, Kushal is not happy with this decision and breaks down. Gauahar tries to pacify him and bring him back to his normal self. Tanisha is concerned about Armaan and doesn’t want to leave him behind. Across the boundary, Kamya and Andy shed tears bidding goodbye to their friends. Finally, the Tabadla takes place and Bigg Boss brings in a new twist. Each Jahannumwasi is asked to take the name of one Jannatwasi they don’t wish to stay see in Jannat and will need to exchange places. Considering there are more people on the heaven side,Pratyusha fortunately gets to stay back in heaven with her best friend Kamya….

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