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HOUSTON: Houston’s popular public figure Samia Adil launched her clothing line Serenity by Samia last Thursday on June 11, at The Marque in City Center. It was an intimate, exclusive event attended by a diverse crowd of socialites, bloggers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs and her well-wishers.

Samia decided to kick off her clothing line with main focus on Saree’s because of her “love affair” with the epitome of femininity.  When asked about her inspiration she replied, “My friends make fun of me because I love Bollywood, and the romance personified in Bollywood movies, Yash Chopra movies to be specific, which truly is my inspiration. (she laughs) The chiffon’s, the solid colors, the simplicity, I’ve always loved Saree’s because I feel that though you are covered in six yards of fabric, yet, it’s elegant, graceful, feminine and classic. It’s like having a LBD (little black dress) in your closet, when in doubt, wear it and you can’t go wrong” .

Samia is a strong believer of women empowerment and believes that “a strong, confident woman supports other women and takes them along to accomplish great things in life. Life is too short to be insecure.”  Her models were real women, Indian, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian who walked the ramp to show that her designs are for every woman irrespective of her race, culture or size.

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With so many brands in the market already, how is Serenity by Samia different I asked, “What sets my clothes apart from others is the simplicity.  I personally don’t like outfits with a lot of work on them and believe that glamour is how a woman carries herself. Too much hurts the eyes and the senses. You must have noticed how I worked with fabrics like Chiffon, Pure silk and Banarsi fabric because there’s romance in it, they have character, you don’t have to explain, the fabric speaks to you” (she smiles with a twinkle in her eyes).

You are known as the fashion icon, the trend setter in H-Town and you certainly lived up to it with your gorgeous long Banarsi skirts and crop tops. Was that catering towards the non-South Asian clientele? “Oh no, it’s for women who love experimenting with their looks and want to stand out in the crowd by wearing something simple, yet make a statement when she walks into a room.”

When asked where do you see Serenity by Samia in the next five years, she replied, “I have big plans, hopefully God and I are on the same page, everyone else needs to wait and watch” (she winked & laughed).

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The always laughing and smiling Samia that Houston knows had tears in her eyes on stage, a side we have never seen. “Well it was a big day for me, an emotional, stressful day and for it to have finally happened with the help of my family and friends, with my daughter by my side, I guess the inevitable happened.”

You thanked a lot of people but mentioned three specifically, “There’s always some special ones who mean the world to you and without them one cannot pull it off. Dua, Jamal Nasir and Sameera Faridi were those who played an influential part in my decision to launch Serenity. They believed in me, my potential and I owe it to them.

Serenity by Samia designs will be available at your local boutique soon; she can be contacted via

The Indo-American News team wishes her all the best .

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