Seva Clinic Doctors Help the Cambodian Community Affected by Hurricane Harvey at Rosharon


By Dr. P. Vaduganathan

ROSHARON, TX: The Cambodian community arrived in 1980s to the area in Rosharon, TX south of Alvin and is a tight knit community and derives their livelihood by growing plants like water spinach and other greens. This community of about 300 families has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey and most of their homes had 4 ft of water inside and lost most of their home and belongings. The community is now trying to recover.


Francis Marion of American Freedom Keepers started some relief work and created a command center inside the Buddhist temple Hall. Bill and Donna Lutz of Red Cross Team 4 Hot shot and volunteers from Sewa International led by Achalesh Amar went in the last few days to provide overall help. They soon realized there is a need for a medical team since many who are still inside their damp homes are having respiratory symptoms.


Seva Clinc of Pearland came forward to organize the Medical camp in a short notice.  Dr. Radha Rao took the lead on this effort. The Medical directors Dr. Subhadra Bandhakavi, Dr, Deepa Iyengar and Dr. P. Vaduganathan approved to pay for the cost of the medications from Seva Clinic.

The physicians who volunteered are: Radha Rao, Bindhu Akanti, Sara Waters, Hema Salvady, Suma Manjunath, Visalakshi Batchu, Keyuri Popat, Subhadra Bandhakavi, Deepa Iyengar and P. Vaduganathan. Pharmacy techs Keiva Rosales and Kimberly Brew from Affinity pharmacy were also in the camp to help fill the prescriptions at a low cost.

About 30 patients were seen over a 6 hour period ( 9 am to 3 pm) and most of  the patients had respiratory problems from mould and dampness.  There were also patients with stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension and skin rash.

Seva clinic physicians are planning to return next Saturday September 16th from 9 am to 2 pm. Seva Clinic Chairman Dr. Vaduganathan thanked Dr. Radha Rao the lead, all the other physicians, Sewa International, Redcross Team 4 Hot shot and Francis Marion for making this medical camp possible.