Sewa International Raises Million Dollar, Spreads its Reach Across the World

“Energized and inspired, Sewa volunteers, leaders gathered in Houston for the 11th Nation Annual Conference”

“Energized and inspired, Sewa volunteers, leaders gathered in Houston for the 11th Nation Annual Conference”

HOUSTON: Speaking at the just concluded annual meeting, Sewa International President, Dr. Sree Sreenath said that the charitable organization raised nearly $ 2 million, and disbursed $ 1.86 million in the year ending December 2016 on a variety of outreach programs and projects to provide support to those in dire need, like in Colombia after floods and landslides, and on local community outreach in cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Cleveland. “Yes, we are doing good work not because we are just compassionate and concerned citizens, but because in such work we also have the selfish interest of making ourselves better human beings,” he said. “We will have our first dedicated building in Nepal, at the end of May, to house and take care of the nearly 350 children who were orphaned after the disastrous earthquakes in 2015,” he announced to cheering volunteers.

Dr. Sreenath said that Sewa volunteers had logged more than 140,000 hours last year working on such projects as “Sponsor a Child”, disaster relief and rehabilitation after the disastrous floods and landslides in Colombia, emergency support services to needy families in cities across the United States, and in encouraging young people to join in serving those in need. The Houston chapter of Sewa International set the benchmark by logging in more than 40 percent of the volunteer hours.

Nearly 80 participants from 18 of the more than 40 chapters across the United States attended the two-day national convention. Leaders from the more active chapters shared their insights on raising funds, training volunteers, and acknowledging the generosity of donors with leaders from the newer and smaller chapters who were eager to expand their reach and excited in serving their communities.

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