Sewa International: Yuva for Sewa Summer Service Internship in India

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HOUSTON: Mrs. Das smiled widely at her beautiful baby girl. She held on tightly to her husband’s hand as the nurse gently placed the newborn into her welcoming arms, and all of the onlookers – two OBGYNs, three nurses, and two Yuva for Sewa interns – could see the happiness radiating from this family. For the first time in my life, I witnessed what is oftentimes called the miracle of life – the birth of a child. I observed the entire procedure, from the time that the mother-to-be entered the active phase of labor to the health checkup of the newborn baby to the introduction of the baby to the rest of the family; each step is breathtakingly beautiful in its own way.

My Yuva for Sewa internship has been an absolutely enriching experience, and I am grateful to Sewa International for giving me the opportunity to serve in India.

During the first week, we were introduced to various areas in Bangalore where we were able to serve the rural population of India. As an Indian-American, I unfortunately take excellent public schooling for granted, while here in India, government schools are oftentimes only subpar and the upper middle class can afford to send their children to private schools.  I came to understand that many of India’s problems as a developing nation could be solved if public schooling improved. I witnessed how volunteers from all over the globe are working together to educate the Indian youth. The teachers at Seva Bharti, the volunteers at the Nele orphanage, and the tutors at the Hosakerehalli school all work toward the common goal of giving Indian children the opportunity to experience a bright future. After witnessing their fervor and drive, I began to appreciate the notion of Sewa even more and to become wholly invested in my projects.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time as interns at Rangadore Memorial Hospital. We learned so much by shadowing the OBGYNs and we are also grateful that we can give back by serving their patients. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern and serve at such a welcoming hospital in India, and I look forward to engaging in future service projects across the globe. Sewa International and Yuva for Sewa has emphasized that just one person can make a drastic difference in the lives of many, and I intend to lead my life with this inspiring approach.

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